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A differentiated rapid diagnosis kit of Philosis that does not stick to a cotton swab and can be diagnosed with only acupuncture and sputum.
covid-19 product
Gmate® COVID-19 Neutralizing Ab
covid-19 product
Gmate® COVID-19 Ag
covid-19 product
Gmate® COVID-19
Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outbreak


Personal packaging configuration
Use of various samples (nasopharyngeal smear, oropharyngeal smear, sputum, saliva)
Smart use with applications
Convenient results check and COVID-19 passport (QR code) available

Smart Care Zone

It is a comprehensive healthcare space that easily measures the health status of your body, such as blood glucose, blood pressure, and body fat, and supports the purchase of health functional foods that suit you through consultation.
  • Simple health screening system using Gmate® Premium Application
  • Consultation on recommended health functional foods based on measurement results
  • Convenience of portability and continuous consumption through distribution of a small amount of health functional food
  • Check product efficacy through retest after eating health functional food
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carezone image carezone image

Indonesia KAL Care

PHC is supplying a blood sugar app to'Cal Care', which is called'Smart Care Zone' in Indonesia. In addition to exhibiting Kalbe Farma products, KAL Care also provides services such as health screenings, health information, education, and consultations with dietitians and doctors. In addition, as the number of health-conscious people increases, we provide a complete medical solution to communicate directly with customers, such as regular exercise classes.


It is located in large shopping malls in Jakarta such as Lotte Shopping Avenue operated and managed by Kalbe Pharma.

Kalbe Farma

1st in Southeast Asia, 1st in Indonesian pharmaceutical companies

Health screening service

In addition to health check-up services, we offer a variety of products such as health functional foods, over-the-counter medicines, energy drinks, powdered milk, and snacks.

Visiting nurse

The visiting nursing business develops, produces, and provides products so that you can perform more convenient and efficient work by analyzing the difficulties experienced during visiting nursing work. It can be used by public health centers, insurance companies, military and ambulances.
  • Bag design designed for easy carrying
  • Use of various apps and functions using a tablet
  • Real-time data transmission using LTE and WIFI
  • Data transmission and remote treatment possible by linking with hospital server
  • Data output possible via Bluetooth and USB
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Gmate Chart

Gmate® Chart

Service use in the US and Southeast Asia

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Provides a service so that users can accumulate health information using the Gmate application
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Patient monitoring is possible without the patient visiting the hospital
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Easily share the data accumulated using the application during treatment with the doctor
Remote (burn) treatment and prescription by linking body monitoring records in the app to Gmate Chart

2020 telemedicine export status

- U.S. Livecare exclusive app
- Indonesia EMP Chart Integration Project