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Strategic partnership to build a community network
It is a company that can develop a personal health information(PHI) sharing platform that can be applied to real life and provide an integrated management system that provides transparent and stable services.


A KOSDAQ listed company, a platform data provider, and is collecting personal health informations and PHIs from various countries around the world, including blood sugar (continuous) meters, PHC products, infection pens, and Corona 19 diagnostic kits, and supplies them to the Philo data platform.
  • Providing necessary health data for the Philo data platform
  • Providing devices for measuring health data
  • It is possible to act as a data provider by linking the device and the mobile app to check personal health informations (PHI) in real time.


Devices with electric diagnosis and therapy such as blood glucose meter/strip manufacturing, development services, and MDSAP certification
  • personal health information (PHI) Development of collectible medical devices and provision of personal health information data
  • It is possible to provide information on the PHC platform by using telemedicine, etc.


Co-Developer of Corona 19 Antigen Diagnosis Kit Develops Mark-B, which can be found in various medical diagnostic kits
  • Owns excellent medical device development ability
  • Personal health information (PHI) Provider


Implementation of mobile healthcare service, mobile platform development service to general companies/public institutions, and business model development through service convergence of healthcare industry
  • Health examination results of public institutions such as public health centers are converted into data and used in the Philo Data platform.
  • Development of a mobile platform that can be supplied to the Philodata platform