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It is a'decentralized incentive personal health information(PHI) trading platform' that connects providers and consumers using the provided personal health informations(PHI).

PHILODATA token economy

PHC consists of a PICO Point that provides incentives for contributing to the ecosystem and PICO Token, which is the basic currency unit within the platform.

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PICO Point

  • Incentives provided for contributions from the Philodata ecosystem
  • Can only be distributed within the platform, External export and purchase not allowed
  • Used as a payment method when using medical services or purchasing health care products
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PICO Token

  • The base currency of the Philodata platform
  • It can be moved outside the platform, allowing transactions between users.



Blockchain layer

Storage goes through an encryption step at the application layer when personal health informations (PHI) are stored. Blockchain transaction records occurring at the service layer are recorded at that layer and propagated to other blocks.
blockchain layer image
service layer image

Service layer

The conversion of PICO Token and PICO Point, settlement of service providers in the payment center, etc. are processed at the service layer to reduce transaction fees, and records are propagated to the blockchain to maintain transparency.

Application layer

The application layer is also developed in the form of API, so it can be easily linked with various wearable devices and applications.
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Expectation Effectiveness

Revenue structure from platform formation

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Additional sales possible through the platform's DB, product cost reduction (coins paid to agencies and customers)

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DB customer

Easy to secure DB in healthcare business, shorten time by securing DB, API interlock

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Platform member companies

DB transaction is possible under the Philosys platform, and service can be expanded within the alliance

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Platform agents and customers

Coin payment is possible through the use of the platform

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